Dynamic real-time view of processes: Search processes by name: List processes by user: Scroll the process list vertically and horizontally and search & kill processes: (apt install htop) Kill process by name without allowing process to do cleanup or restart Kill process by PID without allowing process to do cleanup or restart


Login: List databases: Delete database: Make new database: Make new user: List users: Delete user: Gives all rights to user over a certain database (replace with * for all databases): Refreshes privileges, a must after a change: Lists user rights: Exports (dumps) the database: Shows original (exported) database name: Imports dump of some database … Read moreMYSQL


Copies files from a source to destination. Syncs directories without copying already existing files and updating modified files. Works over SSH. remote -> local: local -> local: local -> remote: Options/flags: -a -a equals to use of following options -rlptgoD recursively copy files and directories copy symlinks as symlinks preserve permissions preserve group preserve modification … Read moreRsync

Tested on Ubuntu & Pop OS