Dynamic real-time view of processes: Search processes by name: List processes by user: Scroll the process list vertically and horizontally and search & kill processes: (apt install htop) Kill process by name without allowing process to do cleanup or restart Kill process by PID without allowing process to do cleanup or restart


Samba provides file and print services on Linux for Windows computers. To install Samba: The configuration file for Samba is located at /etc/samba/smb.conf, edit samba configuration: Share example: Password protected share example: System user’s password must be added to Samba: For changes to take effect, you must restart samba: (stop, start)


Copies files from a source to destination. Syncs directories without copying already existing files and updating modified files. Works over SSH. remote -> local: local -> local: local -> remote: Options/flags: -a equals to use of following options -rlptgoD (basically -a options makes rsync a fully fledged backup tool) –delete  deletes files from the destination … Read moreRsync


Screen tool is very useful if you need to disconnect from remote server, or you have a shaky connection that tends to drop but the started process on remote server needs to continue. You can reconnect later and any process started in screen session continues while you are disconnected. You are able to resume that … Read moreScreen

setfacl – Set File Access Control List

Sets Access Control Lists (ACLs) – adds permissions to files and directories for a user that is not a member of a group owning them. Install ACL tools Gives a read permission to user for target directory and sub directories and files, although the target directory is owned by another user: By adding wx parameters, … Read moresetfacl – Set File Access Control List

Tested on Ubuntu & Pop OS