Samba provides file and print services on Linux for Windows computers. To install Samba: The configuration file for Samba is located at /etc/samba/smb.conf, edit samba configuration: Share example: Password protected share example: System user’s password must be added to Samba: For changes to take effect, you must restart samba: (stop, start)


Copies files from a source to destination. Syncs directories without copying already existing files and updating modified files. Works over SSH. remote -> local: local -> local: local -> remote: Options/flags: -a equals to use of following options -rlptgoD (basically -a options makes rsync a fully fledged backup tool) –delete  deletes files from the destination … Read moreRsync

LS (List) command

Most commonly used List command is: Example output: d rw-rw-r– 1 piroman piroman 65379 oct 12 11:11 z9a6t8j0qis51.jpg type permissions link count owner group size date time name LS options/switches: ls -a list all files including hidden file starting with ‘.’ ls –color colored list [=always/never/auto] ls -d list directories – with ‘ */’ ls … Read moreLS (List) command

Tested on Ubuntu & Pop OS