List disk, partitions & UUID

Disk and partitions in diagram, size (Mb) and mounting points (directories): Lists all block devices, UUID and partition: Block devices, UUID and attributesĀ (issues with unpartitioned): Cfdisk is an interactive app for disk partitioning. It lets you create, delete, and modify partitions on a block device. for current disk: or selected disk: Parted is partition manager … Read moreList disk, partitions & UUID

Permalinks – “post name” in URL issues

There are many pages describing how to solve this problem. Rebuilding .htaccess, turning off plugins, updates etc. but the problem that I encountered is not described everywhere. When I moved my websites from one server to another, I made sure that the permission and file ownership is identical. WordPress was generating .htaccess with “rewrite” code … Read morePermalinks – “post name” in URL issues

Tested on Ubuntu & Pop OS